Food We Love: Green Giant

It’s a simple green salad at Le Pichet. And we’re simply nuts about it.

Green Giant
It is always tricky explaining how something so seemingly forgettable as, say, a green salad can be one of the most formidable menu items—and one of my favorite things to eat—in the entire city. But there you have it: I’m smitten with the salade verte ($5) at Le Pichet (Pike Place Market, 1933 First Ave.; 206.256.1499; There’s deceptively little to it. The freshest Bibb lettuce is perfectly dressed in a hazelnut vinaigrette lively with just enough vinegar and a touch of mustard. Then, toasted hazelnuts—lots of them, in big, imperfect chunks—are scattered about the plate, a few tucked into the tender stacked leaves. It’s crunchy, cool, fresh and easy. I like to order one alongside broiled eggs with Gruyère cheese and ham, or the divine roasted whole chicken. I’ve even been known to order two.