Fresh Pineapple Salad at Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree’s Goi Thom Toui is a summertime grand slam.

On those days when our Seattle summer doesn’t live up to its potential, I like to head to the tiny tropical oasis that is Tamarind Tree’s bamboo-tree-lined patio for the beachiest lunch around: goi thom toui, or fresh pineapple salad ($7.50 at lunch, $9.50 at dinner). Thick slices of perfectly ripe pineapple are plated with sensational grilled prawns, chicken or lemongrass tofu, lightly pickled carrots and jicama, shredded basil and mint leaves, and then roasted peanuts and crisp fried shallots are strewn over the top. Summer on a plate: It is a wonder. International District, 1036 S Jackson St.; 206.860.1404; Allison Austin Scheff