Get Ready: It's Seahawks Season Again

Tension is high as the Seahawks try to defend their title

Since that glorious February day when the Seahawks smiled, waved and wended their way through countless fans gathered for the Super Bowl parade, our champs have continued to make headlines: Russell Wilson got a divorce, Richard Sherman got into a fight at training camp and Marshawn Lynch got naked in the “body issue” of ESPN The Magazine. What does this all portend for our first season as Super Bowl stars? And what about the loss of notable players Golden Tate, Chris Clemons and Walter Thurmond? Seattle sports fans are still adjusting to having a winning team in town, and the 12th Man has much to fret about when the season kicks off (9/4 vs. the Green Bay Packers;, including the facts that we can’t claim that underdog spirit any more, and only seven teams have won back-to-back Super Bowls. But while a smidge of anxious nail biting during the games is to be expected, we’ll still celebrate the reality of the recent past—and cheer loudly for the knock-on-wood hopes for the near future. Go, Hawks!


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