Gregory Blackstock Makes Art from Order

See new works by the Seattle artist at Greg Kucera Gallery.

Seattle native Gregory Blackstock’s drawings are irresistible for several reasons: the subject matter, both mundane yet something we never thought of grouping before; his use of color, both accurate and unexpected; and his visual repetition of forms, which express both symmetry and variety. All this is augmented by the effortless feel of the work, remarkable given Blackstock’s intense focus.

Autistic and now in his mid-60s, the artist has been carefully cataloging and drawing all manner of things—including fireworks, hydroplanes, Labrador retrievers, flags, blue jays, burros and alarm bells—for two decades. Unable to use a computer, Blackstock researches the old-school way, buying books and relying on helpful librarians to assist in his quest for knowledge. With his taxonomist’s brain and artistic sensibility, he works diligently, researching, grouping, coloring and, in the end, helping us to see the world we take for granted in a new light.

Recent Works on Paper, through 12/22. Times vary. Free. Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 Third Ave. S; 206.624.0770;