The iPad Joystick

Local gaming company Discovery Bay Games bridges new and old-school gaming.

It’s a nerdy dilemma: Stay true to old-school video games or follow your fever for high-tech gaming gadgets?

Pioneer Square–based company Discovery Bay Games ( feels your pain, and in response, has invented a device representing the best of both worlds.

Building on the massive success of Atari’s “Greatest Hits” app (100 classic games for $14.99; available on iTunes), Discovery Bay partnered with the video-gaming pioneer to develop a joystick that can be attached to an iPad and used as a controller.

Which means you can play Centipede, Asteroids and, yes, even Pong, in throwback Atari style, all the while showing off your favorite new-tech toy. Look for the controller on Target shelves this month—it’ll cost you $60, but the accompanying nostalgia is priceless.

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