License to Distill: Seattle Central's New Craft Distilling Institute

Seattle Central College launches a new craft-distilling program

Since the 2008 passage of state legislation making it easier for small-batch distillers to acquire a license and conduct on-site tastings and sales, the number of craft distilleries in Seattle has surpassed that of any other American city. In recognition of our thirst for bespoke booze, Seattle Central College is launching the Craft Distilling Institute. The slate of offerings includes one-day classes for aficionados, multiple-day workshops for those with an intensive interest and an exam-prep course for wannabe distillers seeking professional accreditation from the London-based Institute of Brewing & Distilling—the only such course in the U.S.

All levels of liquor lovers will learn how spirits are made via hands-on lessons at partner distilleries, such as Oola, Sun Liquor, Copperworks and Sound Spirits. Consider testing the waters with “Hands on Gin” (7/17–7/18), “Malts of Wonder” (8/23), or “Bourbon Barrels” (8/29), or dive right into a custom single-barrel class, wherein you’ll craft a 200- to 250-bottle batch of your very own private label spirit. Either way, you’ll acquire a cask of liquor knowledge to drop into cocktail party conversation.