Local Coffee Shops Showcase Caffeine in Artful Receptacles

Cool coffee jars from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Blackbird Coffee and Caffè Fiore.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Stumptown now offers its popular Hair Bender blend in a container as iconic as its name. The retro-pharmaceutical look of the glass jar suggests the medicinal effects of staying caffeinated, while the amber color helps block bean-damaging UV rays. Once you’ve sipped your way to the bottom, bring back the jar for a refill and a $1 discount on your next bean purchase. *$30/12-ounce bag and 16-ounce limited-edition jar; stumptowncoffee.com

Blackbird Coffee
A bold, Swiss-made black glass jar showcases the exclusive Blackbird Coffee blend, which came about thanks to a collaboration between Ballard’s menswear shop Blackbird and local megaroaster Caffé Vita. The medium-roast beans are sold exclusively at The Field House (Blackbird’s brother store around the corner), in these sharp containers that take style beyond the wardrobe. Be advised: They sell out quickly.  *$28/12 ounces; blackbirdballard.com

Caffè Fiore
Purchase one of Caffè Fiore’s new bean-filled glass bottles and receive two perks: a 6-ounce sample of organic coffee and a sleek 18-ounce reusable capped tumbler (also sold separately for $15). Choose from Fiore’s French roast, Sumatra or water-processed decaf beans. Though the vessel isn’t ideal for preserving beans long term (the clear glass admits UV rays), it does earn major points for cool.  *$20/6 ounces of coffee in 18-ounce bottle; caffefiore.com


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