Local Math Camp for Girls Encourages Collaboration

Educator Jessica Johnson’s Girls Rock Math aims to instill a love of numbers in little learners

!--paging_filter--pIf you’re not a math person, the mere idea of math camp probably strikes terror in your heart. But if you’re a little girl, just beginning to understand math, it could mean a fun week engineering a dollhouse out of cardboard (complete with a carport and a spiral staircase), or exploring where math and art meet in Cubism and perspective. Early on, there’s still time to inspire a love—not fear—of math in kids, and Girls Rock Math (206.226.9240; a href="http://www.girlsrockmathematics.com" target="_blank"girlsrockmathematics.com/a) is just the place to do it.brbrCreated by Beacon Hill–based educator Jessica Johnson, Girls Rock Math camp empowers girls by creating a more social work environment. “Studies show that girls perform better on tasks that involve problem solving, and often get more correct answers,” Johnson says. The camp’s curriculum “de-emphasizes competition and speed, and instead focuses on creative thinking and collaborative work,” she continues.brbrSince launching in 2011, Girls Rock Math has expanded from just a few weeks of summer camp in one location to six weeks of camps in West Seattle, the University District, Shoreline and the Eastside, in addition to camps during in-school breaks and single-afternoon workshops. Johnson chooses themes that she thinks will resonate with girls in first through six grades, including fashion, sports, nature and the arts. Concepts are taught through games and songs, and girls get to know role models, such as early computer scientist Ada Lovelace.brbrJohnson realizes that not all of her campers will leave camp aspiring to be mathematicians. “My hope is that by the end of the week, they find themselves part of a community of math learners who love to collaborate and have fun doing math together.” Girls Rock Math summer camps cost $295 per week. Priority registration ends June 1./p


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