Nancy Guppy Interviews Stage Director John Langs

Nancy Guppy talks shop with stage director John Langs

!--paging_filter--pAcclaimed director John Langs has a long history of working in the Seattle theater world, and in 2012, he moved here permanently to become ACT Theatre’s associate artistic director. This month, he directs one of Seattle’s most beloved and madcap theater traditions, 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival (1/10–1/18; a href="" target="_blank" Langs’ office at ACT Theatre downtownbrstrongLANGS’ DRINK:/strong Bulleit rye *No actual coffee consumedbrbrstrongNancy Guppy:/strong If you could choose an alternative career, what would it be?brstrongJohn Langs:/strong My childhood dream was to direct the opening ceremony of the Olympics. brbrstrongNG: /strongWhat makes for a good director? nbsp;brstrongJL:/strong You have to be a good listener. Also, not being afraid to not be everybody’s friend. If you want everybody to like you, you’re kind of doomed.brbrstrongNG:/strong Are you a control freak? brstrongJL:/strong I’m a prepare freak. Prepare, prepare and then improv. I hardly ever look at the script when I’m in rehearsal because if I’m still doing that, I haven’t internalized the story enough.brbrstrongNG:/strong What happens when you’ve cast someone who isn’t working out?brstrongJL:/strong Fire them. And I don’t say that lightly. If they aren’t working out, then it doesn’t serve them or the piece to keep them in the role.nbsp; nbsp;brbrstrongNG:/strong You’ve lived here since 2012. Describe Seattle in one word. nbsp;brstrongJL:/strong Cozy. I walk to work. I read in coffee shops. People wear good sweaters. nbsp;brbrstrongNG:/strong Favorite Seattle moment? brstrongJL:/strong My first Sounders game. Walking into the stadium—it took my breath away. nbsp;brbrstrongNG:/strong What makes you say yes to taking on a new play?brstrongJL:/strong I’ll always take something if it scares me. I will always take something if I don’t know how to do it.brbrstrongNG:/strong How do you usually feel on opening night of a play you’ve directed? nbsp;brstrongJL:/strong Drunk. brbrstrongNG:/strong If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?brstrongJL: /strongMaking real room for a lasting relationship. To be somebody who’s ready and worthy of a huge love.brbrNancy Guppy showcases Seattle artists on her show, Art Zone (a href="" target="_blank"


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