New Art Installation at Olympic Sculpture Park Begins This Week

A look at what's to come in dance, theater, music, literature and visual arts

!--paging_filter--pDing-dong, spring calling! Time to crawl out of hibernation, take a deep breath and plunge into Seattle’s performance, literary and visual arts. Out of town artists shower us with gifts this season (a giant white head, a dance floor covered with 3 and a half tons of golden rice, a parable of apartheid), and hometown artists work plenty of their own miracles (wood turned to clay, blues-grunge rock from the Central District, a Liz Taylor classic gone local). Brace yourself: it’s full spring ahead!/p
pStep aside, Ferris wheel. This spring the Seattle waterfront gains another icon, thanks to a huge new permanent acquisition by the Olympic Sculpture Park. Called “Echo,” the towering white head stands 46 feet tall and will be placed at the shoreline of the park, facing the Olympic Mountains and serving as a serene beacon for everyone from Puget Sound sailors to Myrtle Edwards joggers. Spanish sculptor a href="" target="_blank"Jaume Plensa /aused computer modeling to abstract a photo of his Barcelona neighbor’s daughter, then built the piece from resin, steel and marble dust. The title refers to Greek mythology—Echo was the mountain nymph whom Hera punished by silencing her ability to speak, except to repeat the last words of others. During the sculpture’s 2011 installation in NYC’s Madison Square Park, Plensa said he hoped the piece would inspire onlookers to “listen a little bit to themselves.” Installation expected in April. Free. Olympic Sculpture Park, 2901 Western Ave.; 206.654.3100; a href="" target="_blank" the links for detailed arts listings in each of the below categories:/p
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