New Book 'A Woman's Guide to the Wild'

A go-to guide for outdoorsy women

To the women who trek, squat fireside and can effortlessly pair a matted French braid with bug-sprayed legs—or to those who have such aspirations—Oregon-based writer and geologist Ruby McConnell presents you with your new bible: A Woman’s Guide to the Wild (Sasquatch Books, $18.95). Highly comical and packed with authentic advice from veteran outdoorswomen and relevant professionals, this almanac delves into everything from campfire-savvy recipes and the premier shopping destinations for outdoor gear to valuable first-aid steps for combating the symptoms of hypothermia.

There’s even a “Lady Matters” section, offering candid advice on how to nonchalantly embrace Mother Nature’s monthly reminder that, yes indeed, you are a woman, even when you’re on the trail or out at sea for the day.


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