New Spaghetti Factories

Where to buy local artisanal handmade pastas.

Pasta & Co
Part of the Pure Foods empire (Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Maximus Minimus, etc.), Pasta & Co’s fresh, refrigerated pastas are free of additives, artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers. Some best-sellers include the vermicelli, linguine and fettuccine ($5.25 per pound), and the stuffed ravioli and tortellini ($11.95–$13.95 per pound). Plus, you’ll feel less guilt indulging in all those carbs: One percent of sales goes to the Beecher’s Flagship Foundation, which promotes eating of natural foods. University Village, 4622 26th Ave. NE, 206.523.8594; Bellevue, 10218 NE Eighth Ave., 425.453.8760;

Lagana Foods
Super-restaurateur Ethan Stowell (How to Cook a Wolf, Rione XIII and Tavolàta, among others) together with pasta maker and DeLaurenti Specialty employee Kaela Farrington combine their mutual passions for the artisan and the specialty food industry, offering everything from conchiglie (seashells) to radiatore (ruffle-shaped) fresh, refrigerated pasta. Each shape is cut with bronze pasta extruders to create a rough pasta surface that sauce clings to. $6.99, available at DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine (1435 First Ave.; 206.622.0141; and other select grocery stores;

Maninis Gluten Free
These gluten-free pastas were created by a married couple—a chemical engineer and a mathematician—after their daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. Their products led to Maninis Gluten Free, a family business launched out of Kent by Jim and Donna Collins, siblings of the couple. Maninis offers five fresh gourmet pastas made from their own handmade Trovato pasta flour mix, which contains millet and tapioca, and is free of gluten, dairy, soy and shellfish. Capellini, lasagna, tagliolini, tri-colored rigatoni and roasted garlic fettuccine are available in 9-ounce refrigerated containers. $5.99–$6.49 Available at multiple speciality food stores and Whole Foods (multiple locations, including Redmond, Interbay, Roosevelt Square and Bellevue). Also available at the U-District Farmers Market every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the West Seattle Farmers Market every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. year-round.

La Pasta
Guglielmo Bombaci founded La Pasta in 2001 after receiving overwhelming praise and more and more requests for his fresh, refrigerated pastas, made at Nonna Maria Ristorante (1994–2004) on First Avenue. Bombaci brought in his friend and partner Alessandro Stortini in 2006, and now La Pasta products are sold at more than 15 area farmers markets and served in dishes at many local eateries, such as Capitol Hill’s Coastal Kitchen. La Pasta’s linguine, stuffed ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti and lasagna are available in flavors such as red bell pepper, tomato-basil, lemon pepper, spinach, pumpkin, asparagus and squid ink. Available at the La Pasta LLC storefront (Lake City, 9118 35th Ave. NE; in 1-pound prepackaged containers, $5–$7 for pasta and $9–$11 for stuffed ravioli. Also sold at the University District Farmers Market every Saturday, 9 a.m.–2 p.m., and the West Seattle Farmers Market every Sunday, 10 a.m.–2 p.m.

18th Avenue Pasta Company
Jack and Angela Armstrong’s pasta business is named after the 18th Avenue SW commercial kitchen in Burien where their product is made. Their dried pastas are often for sale at farmers markets in single-serving, rolled “nests” for $1 each (if you buy eight, you get one nest free). The Armstrongs offer plenty of unique flavors for the advanced palate, including curry and pumpkin spice fettuccine, and Cajun black spice linguine. The pastas are available online at and at Tacoma Boys (various locations, including Tacoma, 5602 Sixth Ave.; 253.756.0902;

Local Asian Noodle Makers
Based in the Chinatown–International District, Rose Brand and Wan Hua Foods Inc. offer the largest variety of locally made Chinese noodles, such as chow mein, egg, udon and veggie—all available in the refrigerated section of Uwajimaya. Both companies sell chow mein, and Rose Brand offers a unique green onion rice noodle roll as well as dried egg noodles. Wan Hua also sells the miki noodle, which is chewier and wider than the yakisoba noodle and is typically served in Filipino noodle dishes such as pancit. Rose Brand noodles are sold in 1- and 5-pound packages for $2–$5; Wan Hua noodles are sold in 2-pound bags for $1.99–$2.99 each at Uwajimaya. Check website for locations.

Mondello’s Pasta
You’ll find this fresh pasta made and served at Mondello Ristorante Italiano at Magnolia Village and sold at the Magnolia Farmers Market on Sundays (May through October). Made of semolina flour and Shepherd’s Grain low-gluten flour, Mondello’s pasta takes many forms, including spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine, gnocchi and ravioli. You can grab your own pound package for $6 at the restaurant, upon request. 2435 33rd Ave. W; 206.352.8700;