No Room for Your Wine Collection? Give this Local Wine Storing and Delivery Service a Spin

Store your wine off-site and have it delivered by courier directly to your door

If you’ve managed to amass a large wine collection (some would suggest you’re just not drinking it fast enough, but we digress) and don’t have space for a climate-controlled, cave-like room where it can properly age, Georgetown’s Phenol55 may provide that subterranean solution. The full-service wine-storing biz offers the works when it comes to cellaring your precious bottles, and does it all with a reasonable price tag. For a little more than $3 per case per month, your whites and reds are housed in Phenol’s dark, below-ground space that’s kept at a vino-friendly 55 degrees (hence the latter part of the company’s name) with 65 percent relative humidity, plus security galore against any roving bottle thieves. Wine-minded software enables access to your collection via computer or Phenol’s iPad app, which means you can pull up photos and details of each individual bottle in your lot, read professional tasting notes and monitor your inventory levels—think Cher Horowitz’s Clueless closet meets wine. Ready to pour that 2010 Mourvèdre at your holiday soiree? Schedule a straight-to-your-door delivery for a small fee ($20–$30, depending on neighborhood), or have it readied for pick up at the cellar door. Phenol55, 5840 Airport Way S, Suite 113; 206.708.6540;