Paratii Craft Bar

A new bar that transforms a little corner of Ballard into a hideaway.

Named for the Brazilian beach town Paraty (but spelled differently), Paratii Craft Bar transforms a little corner of Ballard into a hideaway.

Chef and owner Sam Hassan is no stranger to serving the public, once owning joints in London and Rio de Janeiro, as well as several (now defunct) eateries in Seattle. The new digs pay homage to his roots, with the perfect storm of traditional Brazilian fare, stiff drinks and late-night jazz.

The Vibe
Mere steps off Market Street, Paratii features dark wood tables, an antique wooden boat hanging from the rafters, and a high, hand-crafted bar that creates the vibe of a beachside retreat. The 30-something crowd mainly consists of couples winding down after the workday.

The Food
Authentically Brazilian (and eclectic) dishes such as vatapá ($18), a rich mixture of bread, cashews, shrimp broth, dendê oil and coconut milk topped with pan-seared shrimp and fish, are definitely worth the price tag. If you’re dining late at night, nibble on bar bites like the delectable Scheherazade steak ($5), seared bites of urfa-biber-pepper-marinated beef, or mango and Gorgonzola cheese on a house-baked crostini ($4).

The Drinks
An extensive list of cocktails incudes many mixes containing cachaça, a popular Brazilian liquor made from fermented sugarcane, such as the Gisele (aged cachaça, dry vermouth, Creole shrubb, Xocolatl Mole bitters and beer foam; $13) and the Blooming June (cachaça, orange liqueur, Esprit de June liqueur, Parfait Amour liqueur, dandelion and burdock bitters; $10).

5463 Leary Ave. NW; 206.420.7406;