A Playlist You Can Hug

Cuddle up to this plush bear outfitted with an MP3 player that holds favorite songs and recordings.

A Queen Anne dad who wanted to say goodnight to his 5-year-old daughter every night—even when away on business—looked no farther than that beddy-bye staple, the teddy bear, for his solution.

David LePenske, along with his wife, Cherie, and Queen Anne neighbors Mike Robinson and Denise Podnar, developed Cuddletunes, a soft, plush bear outfitted with an MP3 player that holds personalized lullabies, favorite songs, stories and custom-recorded messages. Easy-to-press buttons are sewn onto the bear’s feet so older kids can easily navigate the tracks.

The player has 1 GB of storage, but even with the music off, this teddy is nice to hug.

$59.95; includes bear, five personalized lullabies and one year of recording and downloading services. cuddletunes.com



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