Restaurant Insider: May 2010

News, gossip and general musings on openings, closings and fanfare in Seattle

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News, gossip and general musings on openings, closings and fanfare in Seattle’s kitchens

Passage to New Deli
There are quite a few things to love about Delicatus,  the new gourmet sandwich shop in Pioneer Square. Its sandwiches are made with mostly local ingredients (many fresh from the Pike Place Market) and are served on quality breads from Essential Baking Co. There’s even table service, and a small wine list provides a real restaurant experience. The chicken salad and pulled-chicken sandwiches are made from free-range poultry, and creative offerings like the “Shanklamb” (tender, spicy braised lamb with chive aioli and hot peppers on an Italian roll for $8.25) make Delicatus an interesting pick any day of the week. For more info: 103 First Ave. S  206.623.3780

Perpetuating A Theme
BISATO, a product of chef Scott Carsberg’s secret construction project, is a new cicchetti bar serving affordable fare in the old Belltown Lampreia space. Gone are many of the linened tables Lampreia was known for. The room now boasts an enormous J-shaped bar and a gleaming, red meat slicer (part showpiece, part workhorse). A set of 100-year-old barn doors gives the room a rustic warmth. The food is decidedly simpler than one would have encountered at Lampreia, though Carsberg insists the quality remains the same. The name is essentially unchanged, too: Lampreia is Portuguese for “eel”; Bisato means the same thing in the Venetian dialect. Everything on the menu costs $14 or less, including dishes such as branzino with black trumpet mushrooms and thinly sliced mango salad with prawns. But be advised: The portions can be small indeed. For more info: 2400 First Ave. 206.443.3301

Originally Published in 2010