Rugged Aprons for Rugged Men

Ballard-based company Hardmill creates no-nonsense aprons

When Ballard-based Ryan Barrie’s restaurant gig in college left him longing for the perfect apron, he turned to brother Michael, whom he calls a true craftsman. “He’s always been able to fix or make just about anything,” Ryan says. To get the fit exactly right, Michael taught himself to sew on an industrial machine, hunted down materials that can take a beating—leather, waxed canvas and selvedge denim—and went to work.

Together, the brothers have launched the Hardmill rugged apron ($220–$235; Equally suited to butchers, barbers and bartenders, the apron can even be found on the baristas at Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room on Capitol Hill.

Available in several versions, they’re also perfect for home, especially as a Father’s Day gift for the griller who you thought had everything.


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