Scalp S-O-S: Beauty Treatments for Your Noggin


Between overcoloring, harsh winter weather and sometimes using the boyfriend’s  Pert Plus, our heads could tell a horror story or two. Luckily, cranky scalps can hop on the proverbial therapy couch and deal with their “issues” with these treatments tailored specifically to head help.

Stress Relief Head Massage: eN Salon
Maybe you’ve never stepped foot inside a Japanese salon, but you can get a little glimpse of foreign luxury with this mind-numbingly good massage. Just don’t let the name of this treatment fool you: Your shoulders and neck will not be neglected. When paired with natural massage oils by Chico Shigeta (a brand widely used in Paris and Tokyo), this massage relieves all of your stress-induced stiffness and improves your circulation. $50/45 minutes. Bellevue, 13112 NE 20th St., Suite 500; 425.883.1010;

Crowning Glory: Ummelina
True to its name, this treatment is pampering fit for royalty. Essential oils are massaged into your head, neck and shoulders, relieving tension and quenching the scalp. After the massage, your head is blanketed in warm towels. While you try not to drift off into dreamland, the botanicals work their restorative magic. A fragrant rain wash at the end rinses the oils away, leaving your locks lustrous. $55/30 minutes. Downtown, 1525 Fourth Ave.; 206.624.1370;

Ionic Conditioning Treatment
Halo Salon
A longtime smash hit with clients, this intense treatment (introduced to Seattle by former Halo stylist Jonathan James) is the ultimate remedy for damaged, brittle hair from root to tip. A flat iron seals an ionic conditioning treatment deep into your hair shaft, where the ionic beads burst and create a positive charge. (Halo uses the organic, chemical-free ISH line, so no nasty stuff here.) While it won’t change the texture of your hair (as in thermal straightening), the revitalized, moisture-rich treatment will last as long as six weeks. $95 and up/times vary. Downtown, 1919 Third Ave.; 206.256.0715;


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