Seamless in Seattle Winner: Kathy Sabin-mensah

The local designer took home "Best Evening Wear" in our 2011 competition.

Kathy Sabin-mensah

Line: Kréati-Ka
Available at:
Studying at: New York Fashion Academy, Class of 2011

The creative spark: The 34 year-old French-born designer is all about female empowerment, drawing inspiration from her Euro approach to life and the fierce, raw power she observed in African women while visiting family there several years ago. “Women who wear my gowns aren’t wallflowers,” Sabin-mensah says. “They are sexy, elegant and sophisticated, and my designs seek to match that personality.”

The collection: Commanding yet demure, Sabin-mensah’s elegant confections flow to the floor in light, sweet chiffon fabrics and are each given one-of-a-kind touches, such as hand-sewn rosettes elegantly draped across the bust or against a daring bare back. “Though every woman is different, they all want to look beautiful, so I pay attention to feminine curves to give it just a hint of softness.”

Biggest fashion faux pas: “I made a dress for myself with a low plunging neckline, and there was wind. You could say there was a wardrobe malfunction. I love that dress, but to this day, I still won’t wear it.” 

Favorite fashion trend: “I love all the sheer fabrics used to create sexiness or fun silhouettes, which is something I use frequently in my designs. Used appropriately, it is such a fun peek-a-boo. You see, but you don’t see.”

How her personal style influences her designs: “I certainly do try to maintain my Parisian statement in my clothes, and that Euro style bleeds into my designs. The actual shapes aren’t so much European as the vibe is; the French dress simplistically yet elegantly.”



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