Seattle Coffee Guide: Seattle Coffee Survey

Are we really that obsessed with coffee culture here in Caffeinopolis? (Were the Mariners chock-full
| Updated: November 27, 2018

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The rest prefer biodiesel:
95% of respondents insist on caffeinated beans.

got milk?
43% The latte is the drink of choice among respondents, totaling

So What? the coffee traveled 10,000 miles to get here:
85% will drive out of their way to stop at a favorite coffee shop.

Have you tried the Kama Sutra blend?
4% of respondents would rather forgo sex than miss out on coffee.

But they can quit at any time:
Without coffee, 5% can’t get out of bed, 20% can’t deal with their partners or families, and 75% can’t get to work.

Hey, big spender!
66% say they’ve been on a blind date in a coffee shop.

Who really likes the taste of coffee?
36% add some form of flavoring to their drink.

Macchiato spoken here:
25% say they have worked as a barista.

Give me a half-caf triple-shot cappuccino with goat's milk, and hold my calls:
20% say a coffee shop serves as their full-time office.

Paper or plastic?
Two-thirds get their coffee in a reusable container.

It’s in the garage, next to the Flowbee:
37% have an espresso machine at home.

Hailey Petway contributed to this article

Originally published October 2010