Seattle's German Food Invasion

Several new German-themed restaurants in Seattle give diners the chance to pick a wiener.

Seattle’s German-pub-loving Chris Navarra—owner of popular bier destinations Feierabend and Prost!—is in good company these days. German hot spots are cropping up all over town, saving you a trek to Leavenworth (or Berlin) for German grub.

Don’t let the name fool you: The Wurst Place (510 Westlake Ave. N; 206.223.5528; may just be the best place for gourmet sausage—with about 25 kinds to choose from. Take a seat at the 21-foot-long wooden table to enjoy frites, bier and the occasional decorative gnome.

The most German thing about it may be the German Heritage Society next door, but the friendly service at Kafe Berlin (First Hill, 613 Ninth Ave.; 206.623.4242) and hefty menu of sausages, panini and pastries from West Seattle’s Little Prague European Bakery make this German-influenced joint a great place for ein bisschen snack.

In restaurant-sparse Ravenna, the new Heidelberg Haus (Ravenna, 2122 NE 65th St.; 206.466.5369; is a welcome addition, offering cuisine from southern Germany—everything from spaetzle made from scratch to jaegerschnitzel—using ingredients from local and German sources. The cuckoo clocks keep the sleek interior from seeming too much like an Ikea.