Seattle's Social Media Stars: The Twitterati

Sharing the city's ins and outs in 140 characters or less

Turning 10 years old in July, Twitter only started picking up steam after it was showcased at Austin’s famous South by Southwest festival in spring 2007. Then, the social media platform averaged approximately 60,000 tweets per day—today, that number is estimated to be more than 500 million. Of all social media, Twitter is arguably the one that connects people most easily. Where else can a starstruck teen speak directly to his favorite NFL player, or a presidential hopeful respond to pundits in real time? Seattle’s “Twitterati”—including some early adopters of tweeting—may not have the following of Macklemore or Russell Wilson, say, but are tapping into the platform skillfully.

Monica Guzman
@moniguzman 26K

Here’s how plugged in to Twitter former Seattle Post-Intelligencer journalist Monica Guzman is: She predates the hashtag. Yep, Guzman joined Twitter in April 2007, four months before the oft-misused symbol, formerly known as the pound sign, was introduced to help connect conversations and label topics. A Wedgwood resident currently studying at Harvard University on a Nieman Fellowship—a coveted award for midcareer journalists—Guzman reports on media and technology for The Seattle Times and GeekWire, and shares her well-informed insights on those topics and more via tweets. #awesome

Jenni Hogan
@jennihogan 77K

Emmy Award–winning journalist Jenni Hogan, who has worked for KOMO, KIRO and KING broadcasting networks, is now a serial entrepreneur, having been involved with the launch of a number of platforms that help connect tech and media. Her current gig is as cofounder and chief media officer of Tagboard, a new social media aggregator and display platform used by Alaska Airlines, Audi, the BBC and other big brands. Her tweets focus on her pet subjects: tech, media and sports.


Ann Peavey
@seattlemaven 20.7K

As a Visit Seattle concierge, Ann Peavey advises visitors on the city’s happenings and attractions, but her knowledge goes well beyond tourist destinations. Quite simply, she knows everything that’s going on in Seattle, from restaurant openings and unadvertised pop-up shops to under-the-radar community events and public places that even lifelong Seattleites may not have discovered.

Erica C. Barnett
@ericacbarnett 5.2K

Former The Stranger writer, blogger and Twitter addict Erica C. Barnett describes herself as “a feminist, an urbanist, and an obsessive observer of politics, transportation, and the quotidian inner workings of City Hall.” She somehow seems to attend every neighborhood and City Hall meeting that’s going on, and live-tweets the issues discussed.

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