See Flipping Fantastic Acrobaticalism in Nanda's "The Jacket"

Acrobatics group Nanda juggles humor, martial arts and amazing athleticism.

Combine the zany comedy and mad juggling talent of the Flying Karamazov Brothers with the slo-mo martial arts moves of The Matrix, and the result is local acrobatics group Nanda. Its show, The Jacket, blends slapstick, pop culture satire, ninja moves (known as “kung faux”), circus arts and a dancing robot to achieve a thoroughly unique—and utterly engaging—experience with elements that truly appeal to all ages.

As with many action movies, the plot is less important than the thrill ride, but for those who long for a narrative thread, The Jacket involves four men struggling for control of a mysterious garment that conveys magical powers (and Jackie Chan finesse) upon its wearer. The characters are played by a quartet of young men—Chen Pollina, Kiyota Sage, Misha Fradin and Tomoki Sage—who grew up together in Port Townsend and discovered a love of performing early on. The group has been honing its moves over the last eight years, presenting sections of what would become The Jacket at area festivals and finally putting the whole shebang together for a feature-length production last year. Now, Nanda has refined The Jacket and is taking it on the road for a “Northwest Legends” tour. Buckle up and enjoy.

10/5–10/7. Times and prices vary. Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway;