Shopping at Stella+Jack

A simple, green and cheap website to shop for kids' clothes.

Ever since the economy tanked, savvy parents are looking into the most affordable way to keep kids’ wardrobes up to date: consignment shops.

But visiting those stores can seem daunting when you have to drag the kids along, and many stores have strict policies, e.g., “You cannot return anything. Ever.”

Two local moms, Queen Anne’s Katrina Hupp and Trish Lambert of Fremont, were dismayed by the mediocre selection at many consignment stores, which inspired them to create Stella+Jack (, an online consignment biz.

The site emphasizes designer labels and features a rating system for a garment’s condition; anything they don’t choose to sell is either returned or donated to charity.

And, unlike the policies of most consignment shops, if something doesn’t fit, you can return it. For consignors, Stella+Jack will pick up your items and post them on the site; you get 50 percent of the sale price in credit or 30 percent in cash.


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