Sweet Mickey’s Stands Out


Minutes after I walked into this tiny Ballard candy shop, the mop-topped young man behind the counter asked: “What can I do to put a smile on your face?” Believe it or not, this line did not come off as saccharine, but as charming as the cheek-pinchingly adorable Sweet Mickey’s. In a space that’s roughly the size of a roomy walk-in closet, the earnest young staff seems genuinely interested in making customers happy.

There are gobs of nostalgic treats: Big Hunks, Goo Goo Clusters, Idaho Spuds, Clark Bars, Mallo Cups and bubble gum cigars. Jawbreakers, gumballs, licorice and lemon drops are displayed in glass jars on shelves. While sitting on a stool and sipping a shake or blissing out on a scoop of Bluebird’s salted caramel ice cream served in a pretzel cone and topped with hot fudge, get a load of the eye candy on display, including a selection of vintage lunch boxes. There are communal toys to keep tots busy, but it’s hard to imagine what could be more entertaining than sampling jellybeans or begging Mom for candy that looks like Legos.

There are other ice cream options in the area, notably Full Tilt and Cupcake Royale, but this sweet spot stands out.

Open daily at 11 a.m. Ballard, 2230 NW 57th St.; 206.402.6272; sweetmickeys.com $