Take a Trip to Seattle's Nearby Hot Springs

Soak your stress away in Goldmyer Hot Springs

Where: Goldmyer Hot Springs, enclosed in the thick foliage of Cascade forest, 45 minutes southeast of Seattle.

Why: To soak in good-for-you sulfur springs, sheltered by a secluded cave. Snow-covered bike trails and waterfalls are close by, and the lack of campers in early spring means it’s easier for visitors to get in.

Spring Awakening: William Goldmyer, one of the first settlers in Seattle’s Sandpoint neighborhood, urbanized the springs in about 1900. Today, an oasis awaits anyone who wishes to steam away the season’s remaining chill. The surrounding landscape calls to all hiking enthusiasts with a 4.5-mile hike from the entrance to the springs from the access road.

Plan Ahead: Visits are limited to 20 people per day, and reservations can only be made by phone (206.789.5631).

Sleep Tight: Twenty-one miles from the hot springs, Salish Lodge & Spa offers a fireplace in each room, a spa and gym on the premises, and close access to the beauty of Snoqualmie Falls and the charm of North Bend. 


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