Thai Curry in Seattle

With fragrant spices and heat balanced by coconut or lime, curry is a comfort on chilly days.

A handmade curry paste featuring red chile peppers and shallots has made the PEARL OCEAN SALMON a star here for several years, showcasing grilled wild-caught salmon perched atop stir-fried vegetables and a generous blanket of the fragrant red sauce. $13. Ballard, 2213 NW Market St.; 206.420.3214;

This tiny Thai stop is always trying new and wild curries (both on the creative front and with foraged ingredients), but we’re infatuated with the spicy KHAO SOI GAI, a chicken curry noodle soup made with the house red curry and house-made coconut milk, perfect with egg noodles and pickled greens for garnish. $8.80. Capitol Hill, 1509 E Madison St.; 206.329.1503;

Made from an authentic recipe from a family friend in Thailand, the EGG NOODLE CURRY offers up noodles two ways (thin, steamed egg noodles topped with crunchy fried ones) swimming in a tangy yellow curry and served with your choice of meat or tofu. Lunch $8.50, dinner $10.25. Issaquah, 700 NW Gilman Blvd., Suite E 104(b); 425.391.8096;

With a green curry made from fresh chiles, lemongrass and creamy coconut milk, and tossed with rice noodles and fresh vegetables, such as Japanese eggplant, and basil, the chef’s special CURRY NOODLE is the epitome of Thai comfort food. Tofu or chicken $11.95, shrimp $13.95. Crown Hill, 8305 15th Ave. NW; 206.783.3668;