Things I Want to Punch in the Face

This new book from a local blogger skewers contemporary stereotypes with a nod and wink.

In her new book, Things I Want to Punch in the Face, local author and blogger Jennifer Worick gives her pet peeves a pop. Here, she trains her pugilistic eye on a few Seattle staples:

Gourmet junk food: Stop trying to take the comfort out of my food. Don’t tell me how to zest up my mac and cheese with Salumi’s hot soppressata or Beecher’s Flagship cheese. Stop sprinkling truffle oil on my popcorn and fries. And keep your mitts, not to mention your béchamel and sunnyside-up egg, off my corn dog (I’m looking at you, Unicorn).

Sanctimommies: If a harried mom wants to feed her kids Cheetos instead of seaweed, don’t give her the stink eye. Turn a blind eye and focus on your batch of kale chips.

Food restrictions: I feel far from lucky when I attend a potluck in Seattle. Navigating everyone’s allergy du jour, I’m left with a gluten-, dairy-, soy-, meat-, sugar- and taste-free dish that’s most likely raw and full of organic chia seeds (in a BPA-free container, of course).

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