Thread Show

<p>We love this new edgy-fabulous shopping experience in Fremont on September 16th.</p>

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Thread is a showcase of emerging fashion designers and the music and art that rock their world.

For demanding fashionistas seeking ‘what’s next’ and the most cutting-edge looks, THREAD is a chance to pick up one-of a kind pieces ranging from hand-stitched frocks to eye-catching jewelry, often at reduced prices.

For independent fashion designers used to settling for a couple of inches of rack space at high street boutiques, THREAD is a rare opportunity to showcase complete lines before they hit the shelves and sell off samples.

But that’s not all. THREAD bumps it up with art exhibitions, DJ’S, cocktails, gift bags and much more. Don’t miss Seattle magazine’s SEATTLE STYLE lounge where shoppers can try on their newly purchased clothes, get fashion advice from stylist Hope Misterek or take a personal shopping tour with the staffers of Seattle magazine!

Date: September 16
Location: Jonas Jensen Fremont Studios, Fremont
Tickets: $7 at the door $5 when you RSVP