The Unparalleled Cobb Salad at Matt's In The Market

Matt (of MITM) turns the expected Cobb salad exceptional

There’s a rather famous item on the lunch menu at Matt's In The Market (MITM), and it’s not the fried catfish sandwich. The Cobb Salad ($15) has been an afternoon delight at this Pike Place Market perch since 2010. What makes it so special are equal parts flavor and flair. It’s a pile of crispy Bibb and butter lettuce sufficiently doused in blue cheese dressing, with a classic side represented in all four corners of a large white plate: poached chicken tossed in fine herb aioli; the creamiest of deviled eggs; sliced avocado; and blue cheese crumbles—the perfect over-the-top complement to the bleu cheese dressing. Where’s the bacon, you ask? It’s stacked on top of the lettuce, a sort of challenge to lesser Cobb salads. This particular entrée-size dish is one of those exquisite compositions that when ordered by someone in the restaurant, draws stares. Fawning and regretful looks follow, along with the lament “Why didn’t I order that?” Don’t be blue. Now you know better. Lunch and dinner Mon.–Sat. Pike Place Market, 94 Pike St.; 206.467.7909;