Upcoming Ambit3 Treasure Hunt the Latest Activity for Seattle Adventurers

Adventure photographer Jason Hummel to lead the local watch-finding stunt
| Updated: November 27, 2018

On Saturday, June 6, the Seattle area will once again become a playground for treasure hunters of the adventurous variety. Finland-based watch and sports instrument manufacturer Suunto will hide one of its GPS-connected Ambit3 watches somewhere in Seattle and with the help of clever social media hints over several days, you'll have the chance to find it.

The company tapped outdoor adventure photographer Jason Hummel, whose stunning shots have been featured in Backcountry magazine and Ski Journal, to lead its watch-finding stunt. Follow Suunto's Facebook and Twitter for Hummel's clues that might lead you to your prize, including photo hints, the location's altitude, nearby GPS coordinates and even short video clips. If you're the first to discover the watch you'll score a complete mountaineering package, which includes an Ambit3 watch of your choice and $1,500 worth of gear from Suunto, Arc’teryx, Salomon or Atomic.

This type of high-tech, GPS-driven treasure hunting is very similar to what's known as geocaching, an activity that has steadily grown in popularity since it first began nearly a decade ago. Seattle-based Groundspeak, which operates the site Geocaching.com, notes that there are more than 2 million geocaches worldwide. A quick glance at Seattle proper reveals a number of caches ready to be discovered:

There are even opportunities to explore Washington State parks via geocaching--100 caches have been hidden in 100 parks across the state. And if you want to take your love for found objects further, secure your registration to the 2015 Geocaching Block Party in Seattle in mid-August where you can attend seminars on how to step up your geocaching game, watch films dedicated to the craft of caching or locate one of Washington’s oldest geocaches.

Expect nothing but pure treasure-hunting entertainment at Suunto's June 6 contest. Follow the clues to navigate your way to the hidden Ambit3 and you could be victorious (and have a new hobby).