What to Pack for a Deluxe Picnic Dinner

The editors' picks for a perfect al fresco dinner...in Seattle. (We can dream, can't we?)

Appetizers: Dinah’s cheese from Kurtwood Farms ($9/half; $18/whole), served with Columbia City Bakery’s walnut toasts ($4.25) • Mt. Townsend’s Seastack cheese ($12), served with Sardinian flatbread with truffle salt from Macrina ($6.25)

Main course: Picnic’s kale and heirloom bean salad with preserved lemon vinaigrette ($7) • DeLaurenti’s Parma sandwich ($5.99)

Dessert: Dahlia Bakery’s chocolate truffle cookies ($2.50) • Strawberries from Skagit Sun (about $4/pint) • A bar of Theo dark chocolate (about $4)

Drink: Wild lime or blood orange Dry Soda ($12/12-pack) • A bottle of chilled Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Eroica (about $20)