What We're Craving: Summertime Dishes with Raspberries


Picked at their peak, these tiny taste explosions bring a ruby blush to the plates of Seattle’s sweet-seekers. Tuck into our favorite dishes made with these summertime jewels.

For the luscious filling of Shoofly Pie Company’s Black/Raspberry pie, ripe raspberries are delivered fresh each week from local growers, then mixed with blackberries and baked inside a flaky crust for the perfect balance of tart and sweet. $3.95. West Seattle, 4444 California Ave. SW; 206.938.0680; shooflypiecompany.com

It’s peak season for Bakery Nouveau’s chocolate raspberry dome, a decadent mousse with a locally sourced, homemade raspberry “crémeux” or creamy curd. Served over a cocoa biscuit and with a dollop of cream on top, it is available in both individual and sharing sizes—the larger of which comes with a few melt-in-your-mouth macaroons. $5. West Seattle, 4737 California Ave. SW; 206.923.0534; bakerynouveau.com

Since the bakery’s opening 20 years ago, Macrina’s Rocket Muffins have been taking locals to the moon and back. Roasted hazelnuts, carrots, banana purée, molasses and oats surround a delightfully gooey dollop of raspberry jam made with berries plucked and frozen in their prime. $2.25. Belltown, 2408 First Ave.; 206.448.4032; macrinabakery.com

Perfect for hot summer days, the nondairy raspberry sorbet at Mora Iced Creamery is made entirely from scratch and with only five ingredients, including raspberries, white cane sugar and lemon. You’ll wish your bowl had no bottom. $3.65. Bainbridge Island, 139 Madrone Lane; 206.855.1112; moraicecream.com