Worst Moments of 2012 in Seattle

A few of the most shocking and biggest forehead-slapping fiascos that happened in Seattle in 2012.

Tit for tat: Local developers of the JoeyBra bra—with pockets, of course—sued by British developer of similar bra.

Miss Calculation: Seattle beauty queen tweets about her hatred of Seattle weather, sparks a tempest among her Twitter followers.

Rink Rage: Last year’s holiday “ice rink” at Cal Anderson Park is little more than a giant polystyrene cutting board smeared with glycerine.

As seen in penthouse: Escala condo in Seattle is the setting for the worst best-selling book of the year, Fifty Shades of Grey.

And, for dessert, Bullwinkle mousse: Local woman who eats squirrels could be new poster child for locavores.

Reaper madness: Woman robs Green Lake convenience store armed with “5-foot scythe.”

Bad Math: 9 Pulitzer Prizes for The Seattle Times + $150,000 spent by The Seattle Times Company for political ads in its own pages = loss of credibility and 100 cranky staffers.

Not OK: Oklahoma Thunder’s success reveals ugly underbelly of poor sportsmanship among Seattle basketball fans.

For whom the toll bills? Motorists charged for S.R. 520 bridge tolls on cars they’ve already sold.

The high price of getting high: Tax on liquor climbs to 20 percent.

Dreamliner deferred: Much-ballyhooed first 787 flight to Tokyo delayed 24 hours. After five years, what’s one more day?

Trash bin laden: Garbage pickup moves to every other week in test neighborhoods.

Yanks for the memories: Ichiro quick-changes into a Yankees uniform at Safeco Field.

Ride the yucks! Entrepreneur attempts Green River Killer sightseeing tour (and thinks better of it, after outcry). 

Stinging indictment: Nineteen-year-old pregnant girl and 84-year-old woman among those pepper-sprayed at Occupy Seattle rally.

Mommy weirdest: Local mom pens Craigslist ad soliciting prom dates for her daughter and friends.

Pretty cheesy: Substitute refs from the Lingerie Football League make crazy call on controversial Seahawks’ end-zone catch, and send Green Bay packing.

Beetle juice: Vegetarians decry Starbucks’ use of crushed insects to color Strawberries & Crème Frappuccinos, only to discover “cochineal dye” is widely used in foods and cosmetics.

Tastes like partridge! Hungry fan bites Danny Bonaduce at Skagit Valley Casino

Oops: Ever show up to a party in the same outfit as a rival? Seattle mag and Seattle Met go accidental twinsies on February covers.


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A note from the editor

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