The 16th Annual Moisture Festival Celebrates Seattle’s Culture of Weird

The festival kicks off on March 14
WELL-BALANCED: Brittany Walsh, aka AcroBritt, holds a world record in acrobatic archery

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Indefatigable reporters that we are, we intrepidly ferreted out some exclusive top-secret sneak-preview info about this year’s 16th annual Moisture Festival, our city’s yearly showcase for the weird and the wonderful in the worlds of circus and “comedy/varieté.” (OK, we asked and they told us.)

As usual, the bifurcated festival presents all-ages shows at Hale’s Palladium and “Libertease” burlesque cabarets at Broadway Performance Hall. Among the performers, whom we can now reveal, are tapper Jason Rodgers; magicians Gazzo and Robert Strong; Inga, the Seattle burlesque performer crowned Miss Exotic World 2018; and returning Portland-based acrobatic archer AcroBritt, who wields her bow and arrow in a uniquely well-balanced act. 3/14–4/7. Times, prices, and venues vary.

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