3 New Books by Seattle Authors to Read This Fall

A trio of titles for your short list this month, including the latest from Moorea Seal

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52 Lists for Togetherness
(Sasquatch Books, $16.95) by Moorea Seal. This writing journal—the third in Seal’s “list” series—comes with journaling exercises and “inspiration” that emphasizes the importance of building and nurturing bonds with your loved ones. It’s all set among the tasteful art, illustrations and photography that have become the signature of this Seattle design maven.

The Snuggle Is Real
(Chronicle Books, $14.95) by Frida Clements. Talk amongst your elves with this beautifully illustrated collection of puns by beloved Seattle-based illustrator and designer Frida Clements. Why? For the pun of it, of course. Spread the word with her accompanying postcard collection featuring pages from her first book, Have a Little Pun.

Return of the Sea Otter
(Sasquatch Books, $19.95) by Todd McLeish. Learn about these remarkable (and adorable) sea mammals, who escaped extinction and play a vital role in the health and preservation of the coastal ecosystem, in this book by science journalist and author of Narwhals and Basking with Humpbacks, Todd McLeish. Then, apply your new knowledge at one of Seattle Aquarium’s events that celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week, September 23‒30

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