Alarming New Data Shows Seattle's Not That Into Beyoncé

Apparently, we'd rather listen to Maroon 5.
| Updated: November 27, 2018
Beyoncé's "Hold Up" video has racked up nearly 110 million YouTube views, no thanks to Seattleites.

Guys, we have a problem. An all-hands-on-deck situation if you will.

Apparently, our region would rather listen to Maroon 5 than Beyoncé. Either we are experiencing an influx of Adam Levine-worshipping transplants or the entire city of Shoreline can’t stop watching the "Moves like Jagger" video.

Recently the New York Times set out to determine which artists are more popular in various parts of the country, based on the amount of YouTube hits in U.S. cities. Looking at 50 top acts, the Times mapped where fans are watching their videos at higher and lower rates. The results show greater Seattle has a shockingly low appreciation for the unrivaled talents of Queen Bey. In Western Washington, even Bruno Mars and Game of Thrones-wrecker Ed Sheeran surpassed Beyoncé.

Some might call this an act of treason. How could the Pacific Northwest turn its back on the national treasure who gave us songs like “Single Ladies” and “Halo”? “Drunk in Love,” anyone?! It would be one thing if she had been traded in for Rihanna, a worthy opponent. But RiRi turns out to be equally as unpopular here in Washington.

In terms of clicks, Seattle—one of the least diverse big cities in America—apparently has more love for fairer-skinned female pop stars Katy Perry and Adele than Queen Bey. We’ll concede to the endearingly foulmouthed Adele, but Katy Perry?

Of course, Bey's Seattle YouTube drought didn't keep tens of thousands of fans from packing her CenturyLink Field concert last year. But from the New York Times’ post we’re able to glean a few insights about Washington’s musical tastes. In addition to our apparent indifference to Queen Bey, Southern rappers aren’t especially popular here either. While L.A.’s Kendrick Lamar (who played a sold-out Tacoma Dome earlier this month) has plenty of PNW steam, breakouts Kevin Gates and Post Malone, and even Atlanta star Future don’t have much YouTube traction in Western Washington.

Turns out they are actually much more popular further east, in the more rural areas of the state, where Eminem is evidently still a mainstay.

In other fun facts, there seems to be a random surge of Michael Jackson lovers near Snohomish.

As columnist Knute Berger notes in our August issue, it seems like Seattle has lost its cultural edge in recent years. Considering the high number of people here watching YouTube vids from EDM hitboys Calvin Harris and the Chainsmokers, he may have a point.

At the very least, we should all be listening to more Beyoncé.


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