Dog Parade Takes to the Streets of Fremont

Just Right by Purina Dog Parade serves as a celebration that no two dogs are alike
| Updated: November 27, 2018

sponsored by Just Right by Purina

This year’s Fremont Fair officially kicked off another Seattle summer with an unforgettable celebration of the city’s distinctive “delibertas quirkas,” or freedom to be peculiar. Throngs of visitors enjoyed hundreds of artists, craft vendors, and food booths—not to mention the fair’s iconic parade of creative, freewheeling cyclists.

But that wasn’t the only group strutting its stuff through the fairgrounds.

Another highlight was Sunday’s Just Right by Purina Dog Parade, a four-legged festivity where dogs and their human counterparts marched side–by-side, led by Seattle’s own Blue Thunder drum line.

The parade was chock-full of hundreds of catchy costumes and countless examples of often funny—and furry—creativity.

This one-of-a-kind event celebrated dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities, highlighting the things that make every dog and owner unique. Just Right by Purina is continuing the celebration of uniqueness throughout the year with its personalized blends of dog food.

The experts at Just Right by Purina may know a lot about pet nutrition, but they also know that you know your dog best. With your knowledge and their expertise, they are able to create the best blend of food for your dog. By answering just a few questions about your dog’s size, breed, eating habits and more, you can create a personalized blend of food that includes your dog’s name, photo and feeding recommendation, that gets shipped directly to your door for free.

So even if you were unable to partake in the memorable Dog Parade, you can still give your dog something that is truly distinctive every day of the year.

Visit JustRightPetFood.com/Seattle for more information and to get your dog's tailored blend created. Right now you can enter SAVE50 at checkout to receive a 50% discount on your first order.


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