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Everyday Black
(Through 12/30) One quote on Jessica Rycheal’s Facebook page—“Ain’t no competition when you’re in your own lane. Nobody can do you better than you”—suggests the reason for the Seattle photographer’s great success in both commercial and art photography: her focus on the unique individuality of her subjects. In this photography showcase about community, identity and belonging, her contributions celebrate, as curators C. Davida Ingram and Leilani Lewis put it, “blackness, queerness and liberation politics.” Sharing the exhibit is Zorn B. Taylor, also of Seattle, who sees photography in terms of legacy: “It was because of my own children that my childhood desire to shoot was rekindled.” Times and prices vary. Northwest African American Museum, Central District, 2300 S Massachusetts St.; 206.518.6000;

Photo via Seattle Beer Week on Facebook



Seattle Beer Week
(5/10–5/12) Between May 10 and May 20, there are dozens of events to use an excuse to raise a pint and try a new brew. Events include beer tastings, beer crawls and ice cream and beer pairings. But we particularly love the sound of Pike Brewing Company’s Women in Beer event on May 14, where participants will get the chance to try local beers, ciders, cheeses, chocolates and small bites from women-led businesses in honor of the Northwest beer industry’s talented ladies. All proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood. Times, prices and location vary.


Joshua Roman
(5/10) Though he didn’t grow up here, Seattle can claim cellist and composer Joshua Roman as a sort of a native son; the two seasons, 2006–2008, that he spent as head of the Seattle Symphony’s cello section were an early milestone before his renown became worldwide. (If you’re a Seattle Sounders fan, think of Roman as sort of the classical equivalent of DeAndre Yedlin.) His 10th season of curating Town Hall’s new-music-friendly “Town Music” series will culminate in an appearance by New York City’s JACK Quartet; its members will join Roman for the premiere of his piece “Tornado.” 7:30 p.m. $15–$20. Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Ave.;


Rubber Chicken Museum Opening Ceremony
(5/11) Archie McPhee is opening a free Rubber Chicken Museum that will showcase the history of the classic gag gift and symbol of humor. Plus both the world’s largest and smallest rubber chickens will be on display at the museum. The toy store has been building up hype for the event on its Twitter page, with teaser videos. The ceremony and museum is open to all. 3 p.m. Free. Archie McPhee’s, Wallingford, 1300 N 45th St.; 206.297.0240;


Harley Marine Seattle Maritime Festival
(5/10–5/12, 5/18) Celebrate Seattle’s many water-based recreational opportunities with music, poetry, Argosy ship canal tours, and Fishermen’s Terminal walking tours. Bring the kids for some family fun and learn how to build your own boat, learn to tie nautical knots, hang out with fish and how to survive at sea. Enjoy food trucks, live music by family friendly bands like The Not-Its! and learn what the Seattle Maritime community is all about. Times and location vary. Free.

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