Must List:'Jitterbug Perfume,' Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, Mobile Food Rodeo

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| Updated: April 25, 2019
Cafe Nordo's 'Jitterbug Perfume'

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Jitterbug Perfume
(Through 5/12) It’s built shows around themes ranging from spaghetti Westerns to holiday murders, but dinner theater Café Nordo, in its 10th season, hasn’t adapted a novel until now. Fittingly, it chose one by La Conner author Tom Robbins: Jitterbug Perfume, in which an ancient king seeking immortality meets rival modern-day perfumers, not to mention Pan the goat god. The specialty craft cocktails and prix fixe menu will relate meticulously to the theme—which, since the show is set in New Orleans, should be sumptuous and scrumptious. The original score is by Nordo’s resident composer, Anastasia Workman. Times vary. $99. Café Nordo’s Culinarium, Pioneer Square, 109 S Main St.; 206.579.6215 


Rat City Roller Derby
(4/27) Watch Seattle’s beloved roller derby teams throw some elbows as they fight it out during the Home Team Champs Bout. This is the final competition of the season and determines the top dog in the Rat City Roller Derby league. Whether you are rooting for the Throttle Rocket, the Sockit Wenches, Grave Danger or the Derby Liberation Front, you’re going to want to be there. 5p.m. Prices vary. The Rat’s Nest, Shoreline, 19022 Aurora Ave.;


Langston Hughes African American Film Festival
(4/254/28) Even though Hollywood is inching toward greater on-screen and behind-the-camera representation of African-Americans, it’s probably less because of a sudden altruistic awakening than because it realized there’s money to be made. But films that might not be smashes on the level of, say, Hidden Figures, Black Panther or Get Out still need a home, and Langston’s 16th annual showcase gives them one—plus workshops, panel discussions and more. Times and prices vary. Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, Central District, 104 17th Ave. S; 206.684.4757


Annual Seattle Modern Home Tour
(4/274/28) Hosted by the Modern Architecture + Design Society, this self-guided tour offers an opportunity to snoop around other people’s houses, in a socially acceptable way. Meet the architects and designers behind some of Seattle’s most stunning homes and walk away with ideas for your next home project. Times, prices and locations vary; 


10th Annual Mobile Food Rodeo
(4/28) Giddy-up and get down to Fremont this Sunday for the 10th annual Mobile Food Rodeo, featuring delicious Seattle-area food trucksSome of our favorites, including Off the Rez, Frelard Tamales and Where Ya At Matt, will be slinging their classics., so come hungry! 10a.m.5p.m. Free. Fremont Canal, 34th Ave. between Evanston Ave. N and Phinney Ave. N;

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