Your Best Bets for Easy, DIY Seattle Halloween Costumes

Leave the tired witch's hat in the closet and go with a (cheap) Seattle-centric costume.
| Updated: November 27, 2018
Ol' Mack's penchant for ridiculous attire, as seen in the "Thrift Shop" video, makes the Seattle rapper a fine Halloween costume.

Halloween costume got you stumped? Why not show a little local pride? Here are some great ideas for Northwest-themed costumes, many of which work for kids or adults and are easily put together on the cheap. 

Macklemore’s an iconic figure in Seattle, and his outfit from the music video for his song “Thrift Shop” is the perfect costume. Find a flamboyant brown coat with a large plush collar, or track down a brown or animal print shirt or sweater and buy some fake fur fabric and wear it like a scarf. Gel your hair up like the Trump-hating rapper does, wear some large square shades, and you’re looking good! Alternate costume: a onesie with a raccoon-tailed hat. 

Fremont Troll
Got any old gray wigs and beards around? Wear them with an all-gray tracksuit and go as the Fremont Troll. Be sure to comb the long gray wig over one eye and carry around a toy Volkswagen Beetle for full effect. 

A Murderous Barista
If you’ve ever worked at a coffee shop, you know how awful people can be before they’ve had their morning cup of Joe. All you need to make this work is a black T-shirt and a green apron with red blotches for blood. Throw some cheap blood make-up on your face and get creative with your accessories—carry around a (fake) blood-stained knife and a to-go cup with "You're next" written on it. That'll teach 'em to leave a tip.

Space Needle
This great kid’s costume takes a little bit of crafting because it’s all about the headpiece. To create a hat that looks like the top of the needle, you’ll need round pieces to stack on each other. Cutting up cardboard works well for this but isn’t great for a rainy Halloween night, so a couple pie tins works as well. Add a straw for the spire and for the rest of the body, there are a couple options. Either use fabric paint on all black to depict the base of the needle, or cut the base out of cardboard and attach it to your shoulders. Wear the hat, and poof! You’re the city’s most identifiable landmark.

Log Lady
Any Twin Peaks fans out there? The Lynchian masterpiece, set in Washington state, offers many zany characters to choose from. My personal favorite, and the costume I made for myself last year, was the Log Lady. It’s simple: wear an oversized granny sweater over a tacky collared shirt buttoned to the top and big ‘80s glasses, and carry around a log. I went with an actual log, but there are log-shaped pillows that’ll do for those worried about splinters. (Be advised: if you attend a Halloween roller-skating party, put the log down before skating.) 

Edward from Twilight
It’s hard not to be into vampires when you’re from the Northwest—with their pasty white skin and fear of sunlight they’re just like us! The modern vampire craze, too, is led by the Twilight series, which was based in Forks, Wash. Edward, Bella’s vampire love, is an easy character to be for Halloween, no matter your stance on the Edward vs. Jacob debate. The most important part is to whiten your skin, especially the face, and darken the eyebrows with make-up. Complete it with a scowl and grey trench coat. 

Bill Nye the Science Guy
The most influential TV science teacher (helluva distinction) is locally-grown. Pay homage to this fun scientist for Halloween with a trip to Archie McPhee’s for a white lab coat and bowtie. Finish off with test tubes and a desire to teach the world about global warming for full effect. 

Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture
Who knew you could mimic Chihuly blown glass with balloons? Blow up red and yellow, or colored tube balloons of your choice and use this video tutorial to teach yourself how to make twisted balloons. Next, attach them to a circular balloon you’ve taped or twisted to fit the size of your head. Don’t be afraid to use tape or ribbon to help hold balloons together, you’re not a professional balloon artist! Then wear your creation on your head with an all-read dress, like this stylish lady, or shirt and, bam! You’re a Chihuly sculpture. 

Kurt Cobain
The most important part of replicating this Seattle music and style icon’s look is straight, shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair. Don’t fret, brunettes, a cheap wig will do. Next wear an over-sized flannel shirt with jeans. Adding large white-rimmed shades and a sulky disposition will complete your transformation into the grunge god.

Zombie Seahawks Player
Dressing up as zombie Russell Wilson is easy, especially if you’re already stocked up on your Blue Friday gear. Put on your favorite jersey and head to your local sporting goods store or Goodwill to find a football helmet. Don’t forget to go crazy on the fake blood and scar make-up, and to perfect your bloodthirsty moan.

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