Our hand-picked list of best bets for entertainment this month

The troupe has found a permanent home on the grounds of the former Redhook Brewery in Woodinville

On Tuesday, the ‘Transparent’ creator and friends invited 900 people over to chat about smashing the patriarchy

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Your weekly guide to Seattle’s hottest events.

POLITICAL PARTY: Along with a self-portrait (second), Duazo's subjects are real Washingtonians involved in political causes, such as Kim Wyman (third), Washington Secretary of State.

The nonprofit arts organization commissioned more than 50 artworks from gender-nonconforming and female-identifying artists

This month's upcoming events put the "fun" in fundraising

The latest from the Seattle moviemaker examines our violent world through the experience of a teenage girl

A new book presents Seattle’s history through engaging infographics

Your weekly guide to Seattle’s hottest events.