Is Santa a home invader? Is the Elf on the Shelf a Christmas snitch? And in the era of #metoo, just who should be kissing mommy? Find out when “the Pope of trash” visits the Neptune Theatre Sunday, December 2 on his annual Christmas tour

Your weekly guide to Seattle’s hottest events.

Seattle's Pacific Northwest Ballet set for The Nutcracker performance

The busts in the backdrop are actual historic figures associated with this timeless classic

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Seattle local theater play, Framed

A new play’s promising premise about social class and the art world offers no clear perspective

Your weekly guide to Seattle’s hottest events.

Her first installation, Edgar Arceneaux’s "Library of Black Lies," explores "how history is constructed—for and by whom—and the multiplicity of 'truth'”

Your weekly guide to Seattle’s hottest events.

Seattle comic book on sidekicks

Cartoonist Jon Morris’ new book assembles a motley crew of unfortunately named hero helpers

And it offers a purpose and mission that calls to us from history

The Seattle Slack Key Festival celebrates 10 years of bringing the sound of Hawaii to Seattle