Philly native Nato Thompson says this year’s fourth annual expo will explore changing forces within Seattle’s art scene

Your weekly guide to Seattle's hottest events

Take in the main event if you can afford it—the $35 and up art extravaganza taking place this weekend at Century Link Event Center—or check out these equally exciting (and free!) satellite happenings

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Seattle magazine editors and writers chose their favorite Sub Pop tracks for this playlist celebrating the legendary record label's 30th anniversary

At her Slip Rabbit studio, ceramic artist Timea Tihanyi pursues the possibilities of 3-D printed pottery with the "Potterbot"

How Sub Pop, a scrappy independent record label with the slogan ‘Going Out of Business Since 1988’ established the ‘Seattle sound,’ weathered the volatile music business and continues to make its mark on the city--30 years and counting

Founded on April Fools’ Day, Sub Pop has taken the date to heart, pulling notorious pranks over the years. Here are a few classic examples

A highly abridged version of the label’s notable cultural contributions

Bone up on your Sub Pop history with this tour of the city’s label-affiliated sights