Steve carell’s Michael Scott character in the American version of The Office was irritating, true, but nothing like his prototype, David Brent, in the British version, who was an outright monster.

The english translation of this musical’s recurring catchphrase, “Hasa diga eebowai”—purportedly spoken by the residents of the Ugandan village to which its heroes, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, are sent on a mission—is unprintable here, yet i

Opera lite: The noncommittal opera-curious can get a taste of Seattle Opera’s upcoming production of Mozart’s Così fan tutte with a minimal investment of time (and money).  45-minute show previews take place at public venues throughout the month. 

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The Nutcracker & The Tale of the Hard Nut adds some backstory to the traditional plot: How did the Prince become a nutcracker in the first place? 


Boost your elf-esteem with this musical version of the 2003 cult movie, in which a human baby, accidentally raised as one of Santa’s helpers, returns to New York City as a grown-up to spread holiday cheer throughout a cynical town that sorely need

The Café Nordo production, from the macabre mind of Scot Augustson, sets “whimsical, heartwarming murders” among the holiday shoppers in a department store. 


The yuletide is indeed bright and gay in this riotous burlesque romp celebrating 10 years this season. The show features Waxie Moon, Cherdonna and many of the city’s brightest acts of the cabaret stage. 


To her usual stage shows—promising “ludicrous song, horrifying stories and overburdened costumes”— this entertaineress’s Christmas wingding adds audience gifts, holiday pathos and award-winning composer Chris Jeffries at the keyboard.


Put some Vegas glitz into your holiday with this music and circus spectacular for the whole family.