An Avenue of Stars Near Alki Beach

Find a guide to the night sky under your feet in West Seattle

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Walking down Beach Drive SW just south of Alki Point in West Seattle, you’ll likely keep your eyes fixed on the unobstructed panorama of Puget Sound before you. But look around and you’ll see the many artistic features of Constellation Park and Marine Reserve, including a tide pool sculpture and a wall of tiles illustrated with local algae and shellfish. Set your eyes on the sidewalk for a peek at the Avenue of Stars, a series of 27 bronze, in-ground artworks, each depicting a constellation that can be seen from the park on clear nights at about 10 p.m. Local artist Lezlie Jane designed and installed the constellations in 1999. Another star map appears under your feet every few paces as you walk from 64th Avenue SW to just before Benton Place SW. Beside each installation, a plaque notes the constellation’s name and the season in which it is most visible from this vantage point, serving as a nighttime guide to the stars or a daytime reminder of what exists beyond the far-off horizon. 

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