A Haiku Review of New Century Theatre Company's "O Lovely Glowworm"

| Updated: November 27, 2018

A Haiku Review of "O Lovely Glowworm," an absurd, wistful story by playwright Glen Berger, told from the twisted but sweet perspective of a taxidermied goat and performed by New Century Theatre Company.

Lyrical writing
Acting, directing superb
I love that dead goat

Seriously, you should see this play. It is odd (a mermaid, Irish soldiers and a taxidermist figure prominently), but in a most endearing way. It is long (over 2 hours), but since I was transported much of the time, I hardly noticed. It is touching (if you doubt a stuffed goat could possibly be emotive, think again), but also laugh-out-loud funny. In short (well, not as short as a haiku), it's a tremendously risky play to bring to the stage, and New Century nails it.

O Lovely Glowworm plays through May 14, Thursday–Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday at 7 p.m. Erickson Theatre, 1524 Harvard Ave.; 206.587.5400; newcenturytheatrecompany.org