The new treatments aim to soften your skin with low-voltage electric currents.

Terminal Getaway Spa wants to pamper you while waiting for your flight.

Seattle men spend roughly $682 per year on personal grooming.

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Must-try local products from toners to spritzes.

The Hollywood star hits Nordstrom to push her beloved/maligned luxury line.

Scotch and beer in Fremont, a fantasy convention, free entry to the National Parks, a lipstick party and works from Jasper Johns to Rothko. Yup, Seattle's pretty awesome

Karissa Bodnar’s Thrive Causemetics: beauty with purpose

Seattle's Hall of Fame: Food and Beverage, Beauty, Music, Arts and Culture and Books

After years of living in disgrace (we’ve sworn off tanning beds for good), UV is making a comeback as spas heap on extra doses of safe rays with therapeutic and innovative uses of light. Thank goodness.