The Best Brunch in Seattle

In a city with so much great food, we wanted to know: What really takes the prize? Our critics tasted dozens of the very best brunch dishes to find out
The Fat Hen’s eggs baked in house-made tomato sauce and basil

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Best of the Best: The Fat Hen

No matter how many times you go back to this Ballard café, on one of the neighborhood’s hottest stretches (also the address of Delancey, Essex, Rosellini’s, and Frankie and Jo’s), time seems to stop when one of its famous egg bakes ($11–$12.25) lands on the table. The sizzle-snap of the house-made tomato sauce, the egg yolks begging to spill from their whites, the green flecks of basil wilting aromatically in the heat—it all suddenly renders the wait (and there is almost always a wait) completely forgotten.

Tables pile up with ricotta toast, salumi boards, eggs Benedict and twee salads, each as Instagrammable as the next, all as charmingly “Europe meets the girl next door” as the restaurant itself.

Ballard, 1418 NW 70th St.; 206.782.5422;


Wandering Goose
Capitol Hill, 403 15th Ave. E; 206.323.9938;

Seattle Biscuit Company
Fremont, 4001 Leary Way NW;
TIP: The best part of Seattle Biscuit Company’s evolution from roaming truck to adorable but tiny Frelard storefront could be the addition of a cocktail bar—or it could be the fryer, which means fried chicken biscuit sandwiches for all.

Super Six
Columbia City, 3714 S Hudson St.; 206.420.1201;


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