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Food for Thought: Chef Renee Erickson on Sustainable Seafood in Seattle

We asked one of the city's most renowned chefs how we can feel good about eating seafood right now

This article appears in print in the February 2020 issue, as part of the 100 Best Things To Eat Seafood Edition. Click here to subscribe. Chef and restaurateur Renee Erickson needs no introduction here. Her restaurants—the most renowned being The Walrus and the Carpenter, The Whale Wins and Willmott’s Ghost—are beloved most for their preparations of seafood. But not just…

Chelsea Lin

5 Seattle Seafood Stars You Should Know

These local chefs are spearheading the celebration of PNW seafood

SEAFOOD LOVERS: From left, Brian Miyamoto, Kayley Turkheimer, Mutsuko Soma, Chunghoon Jeong and Nick Novello inside East Anchor Seafood

Chelsea Lin & Naomi Tomky

The 100 Best Things to Eat in the Seattle Area Right Now: Seafood Edition

A seafood lover’s bucket list: The region’s 100 best dishes to eat now

Black cod curry at Rupee Bar

Chelsea Lin & Naomi Tomky