Eric Banh to Open Ba Bar Noodle Shop. Plus: Piecycle?

The man behind Monsoon and Baguette Box is taking over the Watertown space.
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Eric Banh's delicious take on Vietnamese-inspired food has made him a favorite since he first opened Monsoon thirteen whopping years ago (feel old reading that?). He's since expanded with an Eastside Monsoon and with a couple of Baguette Box sandwich shops.

Now he's tackling noodles. At Ba Bar (ba means father in Vietnamese; he's dedicating the place to his father who passed away a couple of years ago), Banh is thinking congee in the morning, with donuts and choux pastry puffs filled with pork. Then later he'll do a more noodle-centric menu, with his takes on five-spice duck noodle soup, and he'll even serve his stunning oxtail pho (which I've tasted at Monsoon East; it's on the lunch menu there, and it's worth a trip to Bellevue to taste it). Expect the opening in April, and of course I'll be following this closely, so check back.

We're all in love with pie all of the sudden, and our mobile food cravings haven't waned, but Max Kraushaar is taking all of this to another level. Thanks to Cakespy, we now know Kraushaar, aka Mr. Piecycle, will deliver his homemade pies to us on his bike! That is, if you happen live near the U-District or Wallingford. All you have to do is text him your order and he'll bike a butter-crust pie ($20, usually two flavors are offered, one of which is vegan) to you. That's cheap, folks; I hope you tip him well.